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AI Assistant for Customer Support

Never answer the same question twice.

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Trained on your support data.



Embedded within your existing ticketing software (Intercom, Zendesk, Helpscout, etc).


Your agents can verify responses before sending. Parabolic trains itself to improve after every rejected draft.

Answers your RAQs

Parabolic only needs 1 match in a past conversation/knowledge base to suggest a response. Answers your RAQs (rarely asked questions.


Navigates multiple back-and-forths as the conversation progresses.

Upsell mode

Unlock support as a sales channel. Append relevant upsells/cross-sells based on the customer’s pain-point.


Automatically tag and triage incoming questions to the appropriate cat (payments, memberships, etc)



  • auto-indexes any response you've ever messaged to a customer
  • detects a user's true intent, independent of specific keywords.

Parabolic then autodrafts 2 categories of responses:

  • generalizable (~30% of tickets)
  • customer-specific (an additional ~25% - 40% of tickets)

30-50% of tickets

Example: How do I add a shared email inbox to Hubspot?

Customer Specifc
15-30% of tickets

Examples: “add more phone credits to account” or “check order ETA”

Hooks into your customer-specific data (internal database, Segment, Snowflake, etc)