What results can I expect?

98%+ accuracy on questions that have ever been asked in any form from any data source.
40%+ accuracy on non-'macro-able' questions which require understanding user's intent, synthesizing from multiple sources, and performing actions on the user's behalf.

We're more accurate than other tools like keyword matches, macros, or past generations of conversational AI.

I've tried automations before. How is this better?

Other models rely almost entirely on keyword-matching. This requires you to list every variation for each question and fails when it encounters any deviation from the exact wording. This means high setup effort with high failure rate.

We leverage the latest break-throughs in AI which enable true understanding of your users. This requires minimal setup and enables our unprecedented accuracy rates.

How do I get started?

Email us at shub@growparabolic.com for a free demo of a custom AI model trained on your data to answer your customer's questions.

The only data we'll need is your knowledge base of FAQs and/or historical customer support tickets. The richer the training data you provide us, the better we can fine-tune your AI model!

What integrations do you support?

We'll plug into your Zendesk, Intercom, Discord, Slack, Jira, or any other tool you use to process customer support! We're actively building out new integrations every week. Feel free to reach out with any requests to shub@growparabolic.com

Is my data secure?

Yes. We sign NDAs for every customer we onboard, pre-process all customer data via a PII anonymizer, and are in the process of SOC2 and GDPR certification.